How to Hack WiFi Password And Network!

Hack wifiMost of you must be thinking that is it really possible to hack a Wifi…
Yeah it is possible!!!
So today i am going to tell you how you can hack Wifi using Hydra password cracker. It will be really easy to hack a wireless Router at its default settings,so its always a good idea to change your router setting .Once a hacker hacks your network, he will change your router settings so they’ll have an easy way back in. This allows them to change your network into a shell or proxy so they can forward their traffic anonymously.

NOTE: This tutorial is for Education Purpose only don’t misuse it,We will not hold any responsibility if it is being misused !

Note:In this article, “cmd” refers to a command that has to be entered into a terminal emulator.


What you need:

 Arch Linux.
THC Hydra.
A brute-forcing tool.

Step 1 :Installing Hydra

  1. Download Hydra from THC’s website.
  2. Extract Hydra.
  3. cmd: tar zxvf hydra-7.1-src.tar.gz
  4. Change to the newly made directory.
  5. cmd: cd <new directory>
  6. cmd: ./configure
  7. cmd: make
  8. cmd: sudo make install

Step 2 Commands & Configuration

Now we’re going to attack our routers.
  1. The default IP/URL to reach it at will be
  2. Set port as 80
  3. Use http-get method in the protocol box.
  4. Pick a good word List Saved on your computer
  5. Click Start
Note: You can download hydra and its password list from google in free . you just Google it to find them

If you get a dialog box, you’ve reached your router. This is running HTTP basic authentication.

Now hydra will start Cracking Password.
Note: It may take 1 or 2 or 3 day or even a month to crack the password .
Provided password is case sensitive like this:
 (ABcD12AcD345) <— mean if password have upper and lower letters so his can take months and if password is like  (abcdefg) or (welcome) or (helloworld) it take 10 to 20 minutes to crack.


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